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Güvercinlik. Güvercinlik is the first town where you can see the sea when you are approaching Bodrum.

The first settlement towards Bodrum. A lake like the sea. Small hotel, restaurants and houses all around. Salih island ahead. Güvercinlik is th place that say Hello to Bodrum. The hills on the east side of the Salih Island is covered with pine forests, and the skirts with olive groves. Once known as a small fishers village. It was on the way, it was the last stop, and the first. But, turned into one of the important holiday resorts when stylish hotels were built.
Salih island is the biggest island of the gulf and especially a region full of fishery farms.

When you turn from the Güvercinlik sign on Milas Highway, you can reach to Güvercinlik Square right after 100 meters. The little square is quiet. Güvercinlik is a hermit settlement just as its name ‘pigeonhole’. Its natural structure is not suitable for spreading. Walking from one end to another takes 10 minutes. And its beauty is in this smallness, and having no place to grow. It’s merely a convo place.

With Its natural and infinite beauty, traditionally living villagers, luxury facilities on a bay , a lovely texture is dominant in Güvercinlik.

With its Salih Island view, ever calm sea, is one of the most favored place of Bodrum. You can find all kinds of Güvercinlk facilities for all kind of holiday concepts in to enjoy Güvercinlik. Bodrum Güvercinlik pensions are mostly located at the center of the town. Generally local families run the pensions showing glimpses of the village life. You wake up to a peaceful morning of  a fisher town, open your eyes with engine sounds of the fishing boats. On the south there is another bay with  a resort of 7-8 villas. Surrounded with trees and the beach. Sea is still shimmery.

At the Güvercinlik entrance of Bodrum-Güvercinlik road, you can see the ruins of ancient Karyanda city. Although it’s suggested that there is an ancient Karyanda settlement on Salih Island, the evidence to prove the ancient settlement is pretty indistinct. Karyanda settlers have left the island and settled on Türkbükü Gölköy region and called it the New Karyanda.

Güvercinlik means lodging, benefiting from reasonable lodging prices, getting away from your worries and stressful days, and feeling yourself a bit of Aegean. Reserve your room in Güvercinlik pensions and start your holiday plans before it’s too late.