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Membership Advantages

MITSO Membership Advantages
Advantages Offered by Chamber Membership

Apart from being a legal obligation, there are many advantages of Membership in Milas Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

• Starting up enterprises before necessary authorities by conducting researches and analysis parallel with the request, expectation and problems of our members in occupational terms and following the results,
• Making use of occupational and technical knowledge and consultancy services regarding foreign trade,
• Promoting companies and products under stands of our Chamber in abroad exhibitions,
• Making use of exposition incentives of our chamber,
• Diversifying commercial opportunities by attending business trips of our chamber in abroad,
• Making use of the publications of our chamber,
• Being urgently informed our announcements regarding regulation amendments and commercial life,
• Regulation, control and approval procedures certificates of origin and certificates of circulation of exporters,
• Copy approvals of all invoice and documents about export and import,
• Appointing expert or referee if required by commerce transactions and organizing report,
• Making use of conciliation services and necessary incentives to settle the disputes in business disputes,
• Arranging, approving the capacity reports of manufacturer members, and submitting them to Union of Chambers,
• Receiving report and information about domestic market current prices,
• Confirming whether the invoices to be approved are incompatible with the current market value or not,
• Analyzing and concluding the monopoly and single manufacturer certificate requests,
• Registry and approval procedures of construction equipments,
• Distributing TIR carnet for transport companies carrying loads through international highway,
• Procurement and distribution of international transit documents,
• Arranging and approving ATA carnet in accordance with ATA contract,
• Rate detection of real estate and securities,
• Issuing documents depending upon registers such as certificate of registry, authentification of signature and bail that are necessary and in some cases obligatory for companies to obtain due to their various commercial procedures,
• Preparing and approving all forms of company owner, partner and authorities regarding Bağ-Kur (Social Security Insurance for Artisans and Self Employed),
• Approving the contracts of mastership, semiskilled and apprenticeship etc.,
• Making use of Library of our Chamber that as many publications including commercial information,
Informing about job offers in abroad, exhibitions in abroad and tenders,
• Enjoying the reductions of hotel, health care centers and bus companies in many places of Turkey,
• Awarding successful companies